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Lotte Lieb Dula

R4S portal founder

Lotte Lieb Dula is a retired financial strategist and reparations advocate. 


Briayna Cuffie

R4S blog writer, racial equity advisor, librarian

Briayna Cuffie is a strategist, political advocate and civil servant specializing in international relations.  

Colleagues show teamwork by bringing hands together in the office


Interviews and content development

We are grateful to our many contributors and content review team:Briayna Cuffie; Fred Small; Felicia Furman; Danita Rountree Green; Norma Johnson; Holly Fulton; Dr. Dawn Riley Duval; Rusty Vaughan; Dr. David Ragland; Harold Fields and Dena Samuels; Saira Rao and Regina Jackson; Michelle Webster; Malissa Williams; David Beumee.

Web Designer / Web Developer, Tinelle "Tin" Louis. Owner of Pretty Pages, LLC

Tinelle Louis

Web Designer, Pretty Pages LLC

Digital rockstar Tinelle Louis of Pretty Pages, LLC maintains and updates the R4S portal