About traffic warrant

How did your traffic ticket go into bench warrant?

There are many reasons your traffic ticket may have gone into Bench Warrant Status. – This will happen if you do not pay your ticket or go to Court by the date noted on the Citation. Bench Warrants are also issued if you have gone to Court and entered into an agreement to pay and/or attend traffic school, but did not complete your requirements within the allowed time.

It’s just a traffic ticket warrant, can you really be arrested and taken to jail?

YES – Traffic Warrants are real Warrants. If you are identified by a police officer while you have an outstanding Traffic Warrant you most definitely can be arrested. This is true even if your traffic ticket was for something simple like expired license plates.

What happens after we quash the warrant?

If your ticket went into warrant because you missed the Court date on the ticket, we will also help you with the ticket by negotiating an agreement with the Prosecuting Attorney in addition to quashing your warrant.  This is all included in the initial fee you will pay.

If your ticket went into warrant after you have made arrangements with the Court or Court window, we will most likely be able to reinstate your original agreement with additional time to complete your requirements.

Don’t Risk Going To Jail! Call us today to quash your Traffic Warrant as soon as possible.