About traffic ticket

If you hire us to represent you on your traffic ticket, what happens next?

First: We contact the Court in which your ticket is located or Prosecuting Attorney for that jurisdiction. A new Court date is set so you will not have to attend Court on the date the officer wrote on the ticket. The new Court date is one in which only the Attorney attends, and you will not have to go.

Second: We negotiate with the Judge or prosecuting attorney in an attempt to have your moving violation lowered to a non-moving violation so that no DMV “points” will be assessed to your driving record. We also try to have your fine lowered as much as possible.

What if you also received a ticket for a non-moving violation, like no proof of insurance or no registration?

We can have these violations dismissed or reduced depending on what documents we receive from you to submit to the Court.

How will you find out about the outcome of your case after the attorney resolves it on your behalf?

You will receive a phone call from our office informing you about the results of your case. The phone call will also be followed up by a letter with specific instructions about how much your fine is, where to make your payment and what date the payment is due.